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really powerful excerpt (imo) from an american prospect article.

"We must globalize the local and localize the global. While sex slavery is certainly a critical issue in Cambodia, it's also a problem in Cleveland. Education can uplift the girls of Afghanistan, but it can also be a launching pad for girls in Louisiana. Our realities are intertwined and so must be our approach to social change. That means sharing funding and best practices among organizations operating millions of miles apart, and championing local leaders who can customize the intervention to best fit their own community's needs. Those of us prone to looking far afield for our causes need to ensure we are not neglecting the girls and women in our own cities who need our attention and resources. We must also trust that women from far away are experts on their own communities and empower them to create homegrown change rather than imposing our own models.

We must continue to push ourselves to be uncomfortable -- to give more than we think we can give and to push our friends to do the same. We must seek the brutal truths about our complicity in the oppression of girls and women around the world. The moment we decide that our hands are clean is the moment that we betray our own hard-earned wisdom about the messiness of modern life. None of us are innocent. All of us are responsible. This is both our burden and our collective power."

emphasis mine.

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this is SERIOUSLY pissing me off, every time i see it i want to slap that person in the face with a rotten fish for being so fucking RETARDED.

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theoretical thanksgiving menu

because i am cooking in MD but not actually arriving until wednesday night at this point so i need to plan ahead to make sure my mom gets the right shit from the grocery store. also because i was talking tolittpiski about it so now it's on my mind.

--fresh baked bread
--mashed potatoes (can't decided if i want them flavored or not. one year i made sour cream-horseradish mashed potatoes and those were really good)
--brown gravy (vegetarian! oldest recipe in my thanksgiving arsenal, i just have to dig it up every year since i literally only make it once a year and it gets misplaced constantly)
--TURKEY OF COURSE (my dad is in charge of this, i know he's brining the bird but i'm sure i would get some input so i have to do research)
--salad (romaine lettuce, maybe some mixed greens as well, cucumbers, mushrooms?)
--some other kind of vegetable dish. like roasted butternut squash or sauteed zucchini and yellow squash or something. definitely not yams, ugh. fuck yams.
--dessert: wanted to make a pumpkin pie but now i'm thinking maybe a pumpkin pie cheesecake? only problem is i would either have to make it wednesday night as soon as we got in so it had time to bake and cool overnight and then chill the next day or...actually i'm pretty sure that would be my only option. but it would be delicious! so i'm undecided. also wanted to make these chocolate raspberry brownies just because. >=)
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i have neglected this thing. maybe i will start posting again...

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